Side Effects of Dianabol

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Dianabol is an oral anabolic steroid, which was particularly famous during the late 1960’s up to the late 90’s. Its main use was to aid body builders in achieving full muscle growth in the shortest span of time possible. The production and use of this substance has been banned by the US congress a long time ago, but its use is still evident in athletes and body building enthusiasts as a means of achieving muscle growth. It is still readily available as an over the counter drug in major parts of Asia and Europe, and is sold by the black market in the USA.

Dianabol available at acts by increasing the protein synthesis, muscle strength and as well as the breakdown of fat in the body in a very short span of time. Its effects are likened to that of the male hormone testosterone, in the sense that it surfaces secondary male sex characteristics such as the appearance of a more defined musculature.

Body builders and athletes choose to resort in the use of such a substance due to the fact that its effects are more active than that of testosterone. It could boost muscle mass and hasten the production of new proteins in hyper drive. The kind of body that one would normally have after years of physical regimen could be achieved in just a matter of weeks or months with the use of Dianabol, which is the very reason why it was a sought after drug by athletes in past decades.

Muscle strength is also increased beyond normal levels, and this entails better performance for athletes and bodybuilders during competitions. This drug was also utilized by doctors for women who lack vitality and muscle mass and strength. This indication was abolished due to virilization, which women undergo after prolonged use.

The use of Dianabol may have good and deliberate effects, but these are temporary and often mask the detrimental effects that they have on the human body. This drug takes a toll on most body organs, thus the reason for its banning. In the first few weeks and months of use, the individual could see great results that he or she aspires, but give or take a few weeks more, the troubling after effects will surely surface.

Some of the troublesome effects that the drug could do to the body include baldness, virility for women, impotence, gynecomastia and high blood pressure. After prolonged use, the body will begin to reboot and decrease its own production of organic steroids. This entails that the body no longer has the adequate supply of natural steroids to function effectively.

The side-effects often appear once the individual stops using Dianabol for a couple of days. Since the body no longer produces its own natural steroids, body fluids will begin to move out of the body, causing a shrink in muscle and total body mass. Instead of the bulk you aspire to have, prolonged use of such a drug will give you the exact opposite. You body’s defenses against infections are also severely lowered, making you very prone to illnesses.

Multi-organ damage is also an inevitable side effect. The drug is mostly metabolized by the liver, so it is to be expected that one of the heavily damaged organs. The kidneys may also be affected, especially due to the fluid fluctuations that the drug causes within the body. The cardiovascular system is significantly impaired, giving rise to hypertension and in some cases, arterial and venous stenosis.

The use of Dianabol is proven to give positive as well some negative effects to the body. If you do not wish to use medicines, it is wiser to partake in natural methods of muscle development and toning. Proper diet and exercise is still the best option for all of us.