Choosing a best VoIP Provider

VOIP stands for Voice over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is the hardware and software that allows you to make and receive phone calls through your high-speed Internet connection. Many people have VOIP service and many of them have converted their existing traditional land phone with VoIP. There are many VoIP reseller, how do you know which one is the right one or the best one for you. First you need to know one of the very important thing that is required for a VOIP connection. That is a fast and reliable high-speed Internet connection.

Almost all the VOIP service providers offer a very similar system with very similar features – call waiting, voice mail, call block, unlimited local calling, unlimited long distance calling. More features than that are gravy, and you should take a long hard look at those features to see if they are worth the higher cost. Some companies offer a substantial discount if you pay for a full year up front, which brings the monthly cost of the VOIP service (including unlimited long distance) below $17 per month.

Most of the VoIP providers advertise their offer for “unlimited long distance call”. By definition, the word “unlimited” means “without limits”. But in reality, if your long distance minutes are more than about 2500 to 3000 minutes per month, you can expect a short and tactless letter from your VOIP provider asking why you are using that many minutes on a residential phone and to let you know in no uncertain terms that they expect to see fewer minutes used in the future.

Choosing a best VoIP Provider depends on how you expect to use VoIP. If you only want to communicate with friends and family over the Internet, then one of the free services is sufficient. If you want a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phone service, you should sign up with a VoIP service provider that offers package deals based on a monthly fee. There are many VoIP Service Providers who offer basic services like call forwarding, call waiting, and call display in their standard monthly fee. The real differences of the providers are the costs they charge for long-distance or overseas calls. You should make a plan which will be the most economical for the type of calling that you do. VoIP Service Providers offer many different price plans. Most fall into two categories. Unlimited or Limited Package plans:

Unlimited plans give you no limits to the number of calls you make within a geographic location, like Canada and USA. You pay a flat monthly fee, and you will be able to make an unlimited amount of free calls within the geographic area specified in the plan. These plans are slightly more expensive, but are well worth the money if you make lots of long distance calls.

Limited Package plans offer you a certain amount of minutes worth of free calls every month. After you have used up your free minutes, you will be charged for your excess calls. You think well before you decide what type of plan to go for. If you can choose the correct plan that meets your needs, you will make a significant cost savings.

If you usually make international calls, you will need research the international pricing service provider. Also check the rates for calling mobile or cell phones.

If the service provider offers local phone numbers in your area, then you may keep your old phone number when signing up for a VoIP service, but that may not be possible to keep your old telephone number when you switch to a VoIP service. So it is important to you to check with both your telephone company and the VoIP service provider to make sure you can keep your old number.

There are many VoIP providers and it is very difficult choose the right one. There are many ways to select a best VOIP provider. Such as the following easier way you can choose a VoIP provider.

1. Your VoIP provider should have the ability to “Port” your phone number. So that you should be able to keep the same phone number you already have, if you want to.

2. You VoIP Provider should have a money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with their service.

3. Your VoIP Provider should have large number of free features. Some of the features are voicemail, caller ID, call-waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call blocking, and that do not disturb.

4. Your VoIP Provider should offer annual plans which may lower your monthly cost.

5. Your VoIP Provider should be basically a VoIP company. Your VoIP provider should not offer other services such as TV, internet and land line service.

6. Your VoIP Provider should have a customer service department and a technical service department. So that you can get their service when you need.

7. Your VoIP equipment should be easy to set up. You should not have to install any software or change any of your existing equipment. Your VoIP equipment should be “Plug-and-Play.”

8. Your VoIP Provider should offer unlimited long distance calling facilities.

If you use above simple rules as a guideline you will definitely find a best VoIP service provider.