Making Coffee with High Quality Organic Beans

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Make a great cup of coffee with high quality organic gourmet coffee beans that have been freshly roasted and freshly ground.

Once a bean has been ground, it is on the clock; will it be used before it becomes oxidized and loses its freshness, flavor, and aroma? Unfortunately, many people have only had oxidized coffee. They may not have any idea what coffee is supposed to taste like.

Blades are good because you can grind beans just before use. You can practice grinding them for your specific use. Freshly ground beans are so much better than pre-ground coffee beans.

Blade grinders are a good step to making good coffee. They only grind to one size that is uniform, which is fine. Coarse grinds tend to be less uniform. If run too long, they can overheat the beans which can produce a burnt flavor in your coffee.

When using a burr grinder, you need to know how fine or coarse you want to grind your coffee beans for which process.

A fine grind allows the bean to have more exposure to water. A coarse grind has fewer surfaces that are exposed, and it is thicker. So, it makes sense that a process that calls for soaking or seeping coffee beans would work best with a coarse grind. A process that allows for a very short exposure would work best with a fine grind with lots of surface exposure.

You would not use finely ground beans in a French press because that requires soaking and the ground beans could be over exposed and over extracted risking a bitter taste.

You wouldn’t use coarse beans for espresso. With such short contact with the water, the beans are under exposed, and you risk weak coffee.

A Burr coffee grinder/mill uses two abrasive elements that revolve. Like wheels or conical grinding elements, they crush the coffee bean with very little friction. Conical burr grinders produce very little heat. Squeezing and crushing the coffee beans allows the release of the coffee’s oils. These oils make for very tasty, smooth coffee.

Burr grinders can be set to grind coffee beans from fine to coarse. The Burr grinder produces a uniform size. This is important for even extraction when preparing coffee or espresso.

Most Coffee drinkers use the Burr grinders because they offer such a wide range of grind settings for various processes like espresso, auto drip, percolators, or French press. If you love Turkish coffee, be sure that the grinder you choose says it is suitable for the extra fine grind needed.

There are two styles of burr grinders.

Conical burr grinders are slower with the least amount of friction which also makes them the quietest.

Disk style grinders tend to rotate a little faster than conical burr grinders and may warm up if used to grind a lot of coffee at a time because there is a little more friction. This type of grinder is more affordable then the conical. They work well in the home where only small amounts of coffee beans are ground so they do not have as much chance of heating up.

It is important to keep your grinder clean. You do not want a buildup that eventually spoils the taste of your coffee.