Customize the Cards

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Do you love Being unique? Do you love Being Creator? Do you love Being Pioneer? If You got the answer “yes” for all these questions, you have destined at the right place. You might wonder, “What is the relation between these questions and this place?”

Don’t Astonish, the answer for all your queries are here. Yes, here, we are providing the platform for all these Creators.

Why we need to use some others creation? We can design our own cards. “ One’s Thing can be Someone’s Treasure “. Our Cards hold all Our Hard work and Emotions which will be known only to the User not the Designer.

We will feel elated when we design our own Cards. We will avail all your reel to real.

Start Creating your Designs, Designate yourself as the Designer.

What can we do here?

In this Site, You can

  • Edit
  • Create
  • Customize

5 steps to Edit

  • Select the Template
  • Upload your Image
  • Write your Name
  • Align your Card
  • Click “Create”

How can we get Hard Copy?

  • You will receive it on your mail
  • Take a Printout
  • Stuck it in your Card

Am I able to access this Card?

  • Take your Designed card to the Bank
  • Get the QR code adhesive in the Designed Card
  • Access your Card

We will elaborate you the steps in creating Customize Card

Select the Template

Making a Stone into Sculpture is in the hands of Sculptor. Similarly, Designing is an art in the hand of Designer. Here, you have to choose the Appropriate Template that suits your needs. The Templates have Card Number, Validity Date, Card Holder Name and some KYCs.

Upload your Image

Cosmetics add fragrance to One’s Natural Beauty. Similarly, Upload your Image to add elegance to your Card by selecting it from your Computer. Here, you Can’t upload the image from your system as it is. You might confuse then How can I add my Picture?

It’s not difficult but you have to do one more step here as the picture selected Should match the need of the system. You have to edit the pixel size of your photo to 600 * 700 Pixel using photo editor.

Write your Name

Name gives a Fame or Shame depend upon One’s Game. Yes, Everyone loves their Own name. We love to say our Name. We all have the Crown while our Name is called. Similarly, Everyone loves to write their Name in different style. We will address them as Autograph.

Yes, here you can customize the Style of your Name according to your wish. You can customize using the options available with us and your customized Name will be Printed on your Card.