Creating a Positive Sense of Self for a Young Girl

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A ten-year-old girl suddenly started doing poorly in school. The youngest of four children, she was almost put up for adoption by her parents when she was born. Until this year, her mother said she was a good student, did her homework well, and had friends in school. Recently however, she had started failing her classes and crying after school. She was easily upset by anything her siblings did or said to her.

Her parents were supportive. They had meetings with the teacher and principal. They discussed moving her to anther class but decided it would be too disruptive so close to the end of the school year. While the homeopath talked with her, the child described her teacher as scary and bad, and said that he screamed at her. She said she was afraid the teacher would hit her and break her bones. She also felt her friends hated her. She described a dream in which she was in the kitchen, and the teacher came to her house and told her parents something so terrible about her that they left with the teacher. She was left all alone.

The Treatment

This case represents a situation where a child has to face a difficult situation in life, which triggers a deep fear of abandonment by her parents. (This situation almost happened in real life when she was almost put up for adoption.) She has supportive parents, but still she is unable to cope with the teacher. She received one dose of Magnesium Carbonicum, a mineral remedy, which has a characteristic emotional symptom of feeling like an orphan or abandoned child.


A week after taking the homeopathy Toowoomba remedy, she was no longer coming home from school crying, could focus on her homework, and had found the courage to answer questions in the classroom. She was laughing more. She was not so easily disturbed by her siblings. She said to her parents that she wondered how the other children were handling the teacher, because he was so rude to them. A month after taking the remedy, she said she was fine with the teacher. Her grades improved significantly. Her parents said she was much more affectionate and open with them and with her friends.

Why Homeopathy Worked

What happened? It is possible that the child became more aware of her situation and realized that it was not her, but the teacher, that was the problem. However, if we think about our own lives or the lives of friends, we understand that awareness of a situation doesn’t always lead to its resolution. We continue recreating similar situations at work or with relationships – which means that we are the problem, not the other person or situation.

The homeopathic remedy, in a gentle and deep way, created the clarity this child needed to see that the teacher was harsh to others in the class as well. This realization, which came from the homeopathic treatment, transformed the situation so that she could again feel good about herself, succeed in her studies, and enjoy her friends and family. She no longer believes she is a bad person who will be left by her parents. Her reality changed so that she is now able to cope with the teacher, and to recognize that the other children are also suffering because of this teacher.