One Stop for Luxury and Convenience in Singapore

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One Bernam Singapore is a new development by Haoyuan Investment Pte Ltd based in District 2 in between Enggor and Bernam. Just a stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and within walking distance of several high-end shops, One Bernam Condo is set to open in April 2021. The condominium building will comprise a combination of one, two and three bedroom apartments suitable for lease or purchase. Located just a few meters from the road, One Bernam Singapore will be conveniently located for tourists and locals alike.

“This One Bernam Singapore condo will surely be a place of comfort, fun and entertainment. One can enjoy the beauty of the waterfront by strolling through the wide terraced gardens, while enjoying the sound of the water trickling on the patio doors,” added One Bernam Singapore representative, Mr. S. Badrinath. “The One Bernam Singapore condos will be something different compared to other luxury residential properties in Singapore. We believe this new development will set a new trend in terms of luxury residential properties in Singapore.”

One Bernam features a simple yet chic design of a gated compound comprising of eleven villas, all of which are well-equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and state of the art furnishings. Each villa has been individually designed by its owner, which gives each unit a distinct character. One Bernam Sukhumvit Hotel is adjacent to One Bernam Condo, providing easy access to each property. Guests do not have to travel far to find a restaurant, fitness center or shopping mall, as they are located just steps away.

One Bernam Sukhumvit Hotel is renowned for its food and beverage offerings. The hotel boasts an award-winning Asian fusion cuisine that mixes Thai, Chinese, Indian, Arabian and Italian influences. One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is Spicy Pork Ribs, a delicious smoky marinade of fatty pork meat seasoned with ginger and garlic. The restaurant also offers several other entrees such as Thai Blue Buddha noodles, lamb kow mein and chicken curry.

One Bernam Sukhumvit Hotel is located in close proximity to many prominent hotels and attractions in the city. One of these is the Karon Kata Menai, a Hindu temple located on a prominent hillside. The temple features a picturesque carving of the Taj Mahal inlaid with stone carvings. The resort’s nearby beaches include Kamala and Cherai Beach, which boast white sand and clear turquoise waters. One of the upscale hotels is the Ritz Carlton, which offers rooms in both traditional and contemporary designs.

One Bernam Sukhumvit Hotel is conveniently located between Thong Lo and Lanyan Thong in the city’s central business district. One can reach the hotel easily by taking the yellow bus that travels through the busy Sukhumvit Road. One can also catch a taxi ride to reach One Bernam Sukhumvit. One can get around the area using the numerous buses, trams and taxis. One can also rent a bicycle from the hotel shop to explore the many pathways in and around the area.