Master the Art of Massage

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Begin each series by carefully holding your partner if you’re rubbing somebody else. If, for instance, you’re about to 마사지 your partner’s face, rest your hands carefully on either side of their face and control your breathing for a couple of minutes. You can likewise utilize holding as a method of bridging different parts of the series, keeping a smooth circulation from one motion to the next.

Attempt gradually bringing your hands up to either side of your face and delighting in the heat that moves from hands to deal with, deal with to hands. Or merely lay both hands throughout your chest till you feel the heat of your hands spreading out through your chest to your heart.


This is an actually simple strategy due to the fact that it’s instinctive: when we’re cold, we rub ourselves warm, when we’re in discomfort, we rub the affected location. Rubbing accelerate your blood circulation, which right away increases oxygen levels in your body. It has a revitalizing result which is excellent when you’re feeling short on energy, listless or stagnant.

This need to be a vibrant motion. You will not reach the level of momentum you require if you rub too gently or too gradually you will not promote the blood circulation; if you use too much pressure. Discover a level of pressure that works for you and keep a constant rhythm.

You can rub every part of the body. You can utilize this strategy to stimulate the scalp and boost blood circulation to the brain if you’re doing not have in energy. Rubbing is excellent for warming up tense muscles if you have constrain in your feet or legs.

Tapping and cupping

Develop a cup shape with your hand by flexing your fingers a little at the knuckles. Keep your wrists loose and bounce your hand off your body utilizing the whole of your cupped palm. Cup each part of the body for a count of 5 prior to moving on.

Cupping and tapping can be done on a partner or on yourself, although you must prevent utilizing this method on the abdominal area – your stomach is too fragile for this energetic (and loud!) movement.


Carefully knead the surface area of skin and slowly increase the pressure if you discover that the muscles are too tense to roll and raise. This can be uncomfortable initially, so change the pressure levels appropriately.

Utilizing as much of your hands as possible in order to prevent pinching the skin, lift and roll the muscle in between your fingers and thumb

. Utilize one hand to knead little locations, 2 for big locations.

Pressure points

Apply circular pressure if you desire to actually extend out tense muscle fibers (however once again, just focus pressure on muscles, not bones). Judge your pressure levels thoroughly – too light and you’ll simply be moving on the surface area of the skin, too tough and you’ll feel absolutely nothing however discomfort.

Fixed pressure can be utilized on every part of the body, although you’ll discover this method especially reliable when applied to tense shoulders, inflexible necks and knotted backs. Prevent direct pressure on the bones, nevertheless, specifically when you are working along the spinal column.


Use a constant level of pressure (be assisted by the recipient on this) and start to gradually press your hands up their back towards the neck, taking care not to put pressure straight on the spinal column. When you reach the neck, move your hands apart along the shoulders. Come back down your partner’s sides and return to the middle position at the base of the back.

Effleurage can be performed on every part of your body. On limbs, make certain you operate in the instructions of the heart (ie producing pressure from the wrists/ankles upwards) and finish the series in one constant motion without breaking contact.