Practices to make teeth whiter

We always thought the best way to whiten teeth is to buy those whitening products on advertisements. However, there are ways on how to make teeth whiter on your daily habits. Here a few things you should practice for thuis tanden bleken.

Brush three times a day

Brushing properly is the best way to get rid of stains. However, brushing should not be done every after meal because it softens the gums and loosens the grip on the teeth. It may also cause bleeding gums.

Whitening toothpaste

Using whitening toothpaste is a faster way on how to make teeth whiter. However, with all the teeth whitening products being advertised, which one should you choose? It doesn’t really matter. Even if you purchase the one with the average price, your teeth will still whiten in time.

Drinking less

If you drink coffee, tea, wine, or juice, you have higher chances of staining your teeth. This is the reason why you should brush your teeth thrice a day at most. If you cannot lessen your intake of these liquids, you better use a stronger teeth whitening toothpaste.


The food you eat can also whiten your teeth. Sour foods have high acid content that scraps off stain faster. Eat foods rich in calcium and less in sugar. Calcium makes teeth stronger and shinier while sugar decays teeth faster.

Other whitening products

Aside from toothpastes, there are other products that whiten teeth like whitening gums. These are sugar-free gums that whiten and clean teeth.