Leaders in Pre Employment Screening Processes  

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Insight Worldwide consistently scores well in employee satisfaction surveys with a high percentage of returning employees happy with their Choice Of Work at Insight Worldwide. Insight’s core values of building relationships and providing a value-added service make it an attractive proposition for small businesses seeking a comprehensive solution to organizational performance problems. Whether your business is large or small, there are challenges that need to be addressed before your human resources department can implement a meaningful improvement plan. One of the first steps will be to conduct comprehensive assessments to uncover hidden opportunities for positive change and build a culture of trust that can be shared and sustained.

The pre-employment screening process used by Insight is designed to provide thorough information regarding an employee’s past work experience, education, previous work duties, and abilities and weaknesses. Research has shown that personality-based behavioral assessments, such as the properly validated employee choice program offered by Insight Worldwide, accurately predict negative behavior by tapping into the underlying psychological characteristics that predispose individuals to behave poorly in certain situations. Conducted on a large sample over a five year period, these personality assessment tools allow Insight employees to identify and modify their behavior to create a more productive work environment. These tools may be further refined to examine organizational support and resources for improved performance.

Insight utilizes a variety of tools and approaches to achieve comprehensive assessments of potential organizational needs. One approach incorporates interviews with hundreds of senior level executives and administrative staff to gather empirical information regarding workplace satisfaction, organizational policies and practices, employee benefits, satisfaction with the technology and knowledge of strategic business planning. Through the interviewing process, insights from both management and frontline employees are collected that contribute to strategic business planning tools for pre-employment screening and pre-employment assessments. Research indicates that there are many commonalities among the factors that affect executive underwriting.

Insight’s core competency model is based on creating pre-employment assessments and questionnaires that cover key competencies needed for successful hiring. An initial core competence questionnaire addresses basic job skills questions that can effectively evaluate applicants. The next section assesses applicants on six broad topic areas: leadership and management skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, qualities related to work quality, attitude, and work habits and preferences. All of the questions in the core competency model are designed to simultaneously collect relevant data and generate accurate metrics for measuring job performance. Through extensive research and testing, Insight determines which aspects of the core competency model are most important to increasing the profitability of an organization, as well as which aspects can be modified to create the greatest possible positive impact on employee performance and satisfaction.

Another method of pre-employment assessment used by Insight is the pre-employment testing program provided through the State of Florida assisted living communities. This testing program is comprised of a series of psychological and physical assessments. Interviews are conducted with the applicant, parents and other employees who have had direct contact with the applicant or former employee. Psychological testing is designed to assess a wide range of potential issues related to potential suitability for employment. Applicants are evaluated on a variety of dimensions, including their self-image, physical appearance, mental health, behavior, emotional health, and intelligence.

By combining extensive research on human behavior, mathematics and cognitive skills, as well as interviews with a diverse sample of applicants, Insight researchers are able to create scientifically accurate tests that will provide objective insights into both applicants’ strengths and weaknesses, and their overall ability to successfully complete employment responsibilities. By creating scientifically valid tests that cover the most fundamental of skills required for success, such as leadership and management skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, work quality, attitude, and work habits and preferences, Insight ensures that pre-employment testing provides employers with the information they need to make an informed decision about each of their applicants. This detailed and comprehensive research methodology allows Insight to achieve extremely high levels of precision and accuracy, ensuring that the pre employment screening process accurately identifies those most suitable for employment with leading healthcare organizations. In addition to scoring high marks for accuracy, completeness and effectiveness in the various assessments that it conducts, Insight also incorporates industry and government standards, as well as industry-specific tests, which allow employers to better align their pre screening measures with their specific needs.