Sushi and Ramen Bar New York Review

One of the best sushi bars that I have had the pleasure of experiencing was in New York City. New York City is one of the cosmopolitan cities in the world, and they exude it with all their charm and style. The sushi restaurant in NYC are located all throughout New York City, and I was lucky enough to experience them when I was there for business. After my business meeting in New York, I decided to treat myself to a nice meal at a popular sushi bar that I had not visited before. I was immediately greeted by a friendly server, who was quite efficient in her service.

“Nestled at the center of the financial district-ZEN Sushi & Ramen welcomes you to your ramen & sushi fix.” The voice of an old Asian man that spoke perfect English made me instantly feel at home. I was given a very traditional looking bowl of sushi and a condiment of pickles while I was enjoying my meal. The waitress that served me was very polite and kind, making sure that I was treated very good. I came away from the sushi bar with my trusty friends.

Another great thing about this sushi bar was that there was no MSG. When I ate there, I did not need to take anything with me because it was all natural. My new friends enjoyed the sushi as much as I did and they seemed to really enjoy the decor as well as the food, which I enjoyed as well.

The Ramen Noodle Bar is located at Broadway and 47th Street in New York City. I was able to sample their other sandwiches, which were also delicious. I also tried their hotdog and hamburger buns, which were both delicious.

After only a few weeks of drinking & eating at Sushi and Ramen in New York City, I was ready to leave the place and try another one. My friend and I joined forces again and chose a new location: Momofu. The area was much smaller than before and it seemed that there were only around four or five people inside. This time though, I was able to try the traditional Japanese sushi that they offered. I loved the selection of fish and it was prepared in such a unique way that I always came back for another visit.

If you are traveling to New York, don’t forget to try this restaurant that has won multiple awards. I am sure that you will be impressed by the taste of the sushi and the prices of the nubanko & maki rolls. So next time you are in New York, make sure that you check out the Sushi and Ramen Bar.