WhatsApp Marketing and App Development

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New apps are being produced on what seems like a daily basis. Those who are creating these new apps are certainly proud of their productions, however, as with all businesses they, too, want bigger and better ways to grow their possibilities. Thus, many companies who create apps are turning to WhatsApp marketing companies for help. Here are a few awesome strategies for those who want to incorporate bulk SMS whatsapp software into their app development.

Using these strategies will help you optimize your apps and all of your campaigns. You can even use the apps for marketing purposes later down the line if you desire to do so.

Ask People to Join

Why not get a bit of one on one time with consumers and ask them to join the list and download the app? The worst thing they can say is no, and there isn’t a soul who ever died from hearing this answer. There are a number of ways you can peak the interest of consumers, and once you have that getting them in on your list is no hard work at all.

If you really want to get the names and the downloads, offering an incentive of some type is a good idea. There will be more reason to make the download and the consumer will feel as if they are being rewarded for their task.

Another awesome idea is the placement of a sheet that allows a customer to join the WhatsApp marketing list by giving you their name and number. This is fast and easy and helps take care of those who do not have time to wait or who may simply prefer to do things on their own.

Make sure that you always inform the consumer of what they are getting when they sign up for your list. Send a message the defines the purpose of the message. Clearly state the message in your campaign, whether you are offering a freebie or a half off deal or something else. Next, tell the consumer what to do to get that freebie. Your message should also inform the consumer of how to opt out of your marketing. It is also a good idea to offer a text HELP link as well.

Mobile Landing Page

Another easy way to get those downloads and the names on the marketing list is to offer a mobile landing page where individuals interested in joining can do so.  This list is customized specifically for mobile phones and considering that 90% of the world has a cell phone on them at all times, this is good news for you. Once you have their name and number from the landing page you can also direct them to a link to make the download.

When you use WhatsApp for your marketing campaigns they can help you create your mobile landing page with ease. They offer easy to use tools and widgets that guide you every step of the way.

Banners & Fliers

Banners and fliers make it easy to make your announcement and no one will miss out on it. A well created banner or flier can advertise the download and the app and inform consumers why they do not want to miss out on the offer.


Bookmarks are very valuable and should be used to offer your WhatsApp program. Make sure that the bookmark contains the purpose of your program and informs the consumer of what they are receiving when they opt in to hear from you/ be sure that your message includes fine points as well.